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Agendas of the reformed conservative.

One important program for the reformed conservatives in the recent past has been the education system. Unions have created such a huge stumbling block for the reformed conservatives because they are more focused on the teachers well being than the students. Initially unions were formed to protect employees from brutal employers and to ensure fairness in work environment. Primarily the major reasons that teachers take industrial action have been all about the coins, and there hasn’t gone so well with the conservatives. Tutors should understand that one should receive compensation for the work done. Conservatives want these unions terminated so that the teachers can put the interest of the students first rather than that of their pay.
Tax reforms are one of the important objections of the conservatives. Family has always been the backbone of the society. The reformed conservatives want to safeguard moms and also dads that are in formal employment from being taxed twice which by all means is not honorable. In order to take care of this double taxation, the conservative would like the increase the child tax credit. By so doing parents won’t pay double tax as they have been in the past.

The infrastructural act is another thing to put to considerations for the reformed conservatives. Maintaining of the transport infrastructure has not been followed keenly by the government. A rigid transport act should be put up so as to ensure that money set aside for certain project will be for that particular project and not otherwise.
For equal opportunities in the workforce the reformed conservatives want some amendments made to achieve these. Conservatives believe that every citizen should be able by their free will to join a union or not to join one. The current laws expect everyone in the workforce to be in a union. They also want working families to have ample time with their children as the current rules doesn’t provide that . Laws should be put in place to facilitate families in the private sector to achieve that work-life balance.

The justice reform is also another vital reform for the conservatives. Some punishments passed to criminal are very severe as such the conservatives want some more humane ways of sentencing adopted. Chances of first-time offenders reforming for the better are increased as the quality of training and therapy sessions in these prisons are improved.

One should have the freedom of choice when it comes to the healthcare system. Employees should own and also control their health insurance which has not been the case.

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